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Tin Roof Social Club


The Tin Roof Social Club is a project by Dundee-based artists Fraser MacDonald and Catrin Jeans and is open during IMPACT 8 and Print Festival Scotland, from 29th August to 1st September.

The club is based on the traditional Scottish social clubs or ‘clubbies’ as they’re more often known by, and visitors will be hosted with tea & coffee, newspapers and snacks in an installation created to function as a social space.

From what we’ve seen, the interior of this clubbie looks spot-on and events will take the form of competitive ‘pub sports’, including a pool tournament, darts competition, draughts, dominoes and card games; all organised by the artist ‘landlord’ and ‘landlady’ of the club, and there will be prizes for the winners! What more can you ask for.

You can hear more about it from Fraser and Catrin, on their STV piece, here (11mins 48secs).

So, come on down the clubbie!

Venue:  Tin Roof Arts Collective, 38-40 Bellfield St
Dates:  Thursday 29th of August to Sunday 1st of Sept.
Daily Opening Times:  10am – 2pm & 4pm – 9pm
Membership:  Free (visitors book sign-in)

Twitter: Tin Roof Social Club

Facebook: Tin Roof Social Club


Watch the feature on STV about Tin Roof Social Club by clicking on the image (11mins 48secs).


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