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Screen in the Square – Dundee

Crowd of people sitting in Dundee's City Square
Screen in the Square – Photos: Stephanie Fulke

On Thursday 24th July 2014, as part of Dundee’s Commonwealth Games programme, Creative Dundee filled the big outdoor screen in City Square with local films, animations, music videos, poems, images and more.

In May we ran a call for content and got a great response from people all over Dundee and beyond (thanks again to everyone who submitted videos). Due to the amount of footage received, it was pretty tough to select videos to screen for the two hour session. We managed to show 36 films from a great mix of contributors – established film makers through to up-and-coming talent.

The social media hashtag for the night was: #screen2 

You can see all the great images from the night, taken by Stephanie Fulke, over on Flickr here and Facebook here.

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Screen in the Square included:

Digital Interaction Design Team – DJCAD – Share Square
The Hazey Janes – If Ever There Is Gladness
Slava Lawson – Dancing Nina
Grahame Weinbren – 70 Letters
John Fairfield – Flyboy Creative – Anderson McGinty Webster Ward & Fisher – Boo Hoo; and The Jagged Violets – Thoughts of You
Rose Hendry – Bolt and Glacé Cherry
Gerry O’Brien – 7 Sunsets
Nilupul Foundation – Wha’s Dundee and Oor Games
DCA’s Discovery Film School Dundee – Dominos
Jasmine Holt – The Mariner
Zoe Pepper – Georgie
DJCAD MSc Animation and Visualisation – Concerning Dragons
Dundee Waterfront – Fly Through
College of Life Sciences – University of Dundee – Walk Through
Wave 102 Presents – Happy Dundee
YAG McManus – Sense of Place – Gunnar and House of Moving Pictures
Shahbaz Majeed – Frame Focus Photography
Colour-Coded – I’m Not Listening
1320 Radio – Music Flag Production – Amy Leach at the Wighton with Sheena Wellington
Dundee and Angus College Production – The Inconsiderate Litterer
St Kilda Mailboat – Heebie Jeebies
Alan Robertson – Fat Goth – Creepy Lounge
Mark Small and Steven Jack – Hands
Abertay University – Dare to be Digital
Arms Against – After Dark
Jamie Craig – Exiting Dundee
Jamie Whyte – Foxhound Photography
Chris Harrison – Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
Nomas* Projects – Poiesis / Tumult



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