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Follow Me! Small Society Lab

This prototype project idea – Follow Me! – was developed over 2 days during Small Society Lab in June 2015, by the team: Ross Crawford, Claire Dufour, Jackie Herrera and Simone Elliot.

Follow Me!

A digital platform to share and find places, events, tips and tricks that you enjoy. When visiting a new city, Follow Me! will enable a virtual tour of the city from the local people who know it best.

As a local, you can easily share your favourite places to go and things to do in your city, by pinpointing your favourite places, events, walks in the area, so that somebody who shares the same interests could access these recommendations.

As a visitor, you can choose from those recommendations, create your own personalised tour and visit the city in a different way, experiencing it as a local.

Follow Me! goes deeper than traditional guidebooks by capturing peoples unique insights to the local area. Whether you are into theatre, craft beer or exploring the local nature Follow Me! can help you to enjoy your trip in a new city.

What was the inspiration?

“While exploring ways of connecting Mexico City and Dundee, we realised that we could only grasp a glimpse of Mexico City and make assumptions based on what we could find on the Internet. We were also fascinated by the photos and videos that the Small Society Lab participants sent from their respective cities. We enjoyed the idea that each content was very personal to the people who shared them, we wanted to know more about them.

After long decisions about what we would like to show/share about the city we live in, we understood the importance of telling/sharing personal stories. Then, we looked at how we could show visitors from Mexico City, and elsewhere, where we enjoy going and what we enjoy doing in Dundee. We tried to develop a fun and easy way to give them a tour of the city as a friend would do it.”

Why is it a good thing for the city?

“Along with providing another form of tourism – more personal and less institutional – this digital platform could ultimately result in the general betterment of the city. The locals would be focusing on things they like and taking ownership of showing/sharing what’s defining their city, shaping a collective image of the city.”

Watch the prototype video here.





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