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Make/Share – November Line Up

Creative Dundee and Dundee MakerSpace brings you Make/Share, a monthly event bringing together people who make things, whatever they may be!

And by people, we mean anyone who makes, this could include, but not limited to! Artists – developers – scientists – designers – technologists – architects – performers – musicians – public/community activists – individuals – organisations – companies – the list goes on.

On Wed 11th Nov (7-8.30pm) at Dundee MakerSpace, we will discuss about turning point(s).

Within our practices, how do we recognise what’s not going to work? How do we overcome challenging circumstances? What’s next? How do we plan our future project after one failed? How and what do we learn from our failures? What are the mistakes that make a positive difference?

The event is very relaxed, with an informal set-up, and is the chance to hear from 4 different people talking about the things that they do/make and the process they’ve gone through to do/make them. You can watch a video of our first Make/Share here.

First (7-7.10pm), we’ll invite you to share (on post-it notes!) your thoughts, experiences, examples, challenges and tips with the group, powered-up by a cup of tea – or coffee, for those who needs an extra caffeine boost! – which you can purchase at our tuck shop, including chocolate boosts, snacks and juices – all for 50p only!

Then (7.10-8pm), the talks! You will hear from 4 short talks about particular experiences of how we motivate, inform and shape our decisions facing challenging circumstances. After the talks, you’ll get the chance to ask questions to the speakers with the potential of initiating open discussions with the group.

Finally (8-8.30pm) and before we go to a nearby pub to continue the chat, we’ll invite you to stick around for a while, mingle… come back to the post-it notes and share some more of your inspired thoughts. Your precious inputs will help us (re)define how Creative Dundee supports creative talent to base, grow and sustain their practice in and around Dundee.

Doers/makers speaking about their process this time include:


Tom Goodchild

Tom is a video game designer that has worked in the industry for over 12 years. He has designed and made various games for various platforms, including console, web, mobile and even virtual reality.
He will be talking about what it’s like to create something in that has been never done before and the somewhat painful and terrifying process of feeling around in the dark trying to find the right solution.
Makes: Video Games
Website : Ice Beam Games / Twitter: @IceBeamGames / @Tomdominer

Sandy Thomson

Sandy is an Experience and Story Architect. As Artistic Director of Poorboy she writes, directs and produces theatre, film and live experiences with her Associate Director Jeremiah Reynolds and the Poorboy Ensemble of performers. She believes story can change the world and has created fairytales and car chases on candlelit airfields, staged redemption stories on subway trains and toured the company’s latest work to Canada, Brazil, the USA and across Scotland. Pirates and Mermaids is an international love story told by an single actor with a smartphone. Sandy also provides support and advice to other creatives through Poorboy and her work with the Cultural Enterprise Office. Her guest speaker spot for The Edinburgh Fringe Participants Programme this year was – appropriately enough for this Make/Share – called Freaking Out and F*&king Up.
Sandy’s presentation is a participative talk and exercise about the narratives we create around failure and the differences between Failing and Really Failing. With balloons.
Makes: Performance and experiences
Website: Poorboy / Twitter: @Poorboy_theatre / Facebook: Poorboytheatre / Instagram: wearepoorboy

Photo by Kirsten MacDonald and features (from left) Sandy, Blind Audience member, Actor Brian Ferguson, Actor/filmmaker Jeremiah Reynolds, Composer and sound artist Dave Boyd. It is of the Artlink Grist to the Mill Research Residency and examines theatre performance for blind and partially sighted audiences. Also taking part in the project was Actress Eilidh McCormick, Actress Elaine Stirrat and Product Designer Amy Lowe (now third year at DJCAD).

Jill Skulina

Jill has a background in Theatre, a degree in Interior Environmental Design and a Masters in Fine Art. She is based in Meadow Mill Wasps studios and for the last 5 years she’s been addicted to crochet. “I make because I must.”
Jill has a pattern of starting projects with one idea and a week before a deadline scrapping all the work she’s done and starting again from scratch. “Stressful, but always the right decision.”
Makes: Visual Art/Sculpture/Fibre art/Multipotentialite/Polymath
Website / Twitter: @jillskulina / Facebook: Jill Skulina///artist/// / Instagram: @jillskulina

Photo by Laura Mumby, model: Erin Schepers.

John-David Henshaw

JD has worked in theatre and performance as a creative for over a decade, writing and directing as well as facilitating other artists’ work. As a venue, he has produced hundreds of shows over the years, bringing productions from across the world to Scotland and the UK. “Ultimately? I just like seeing new things grow and succeed…”
“Failure is an option. It’s simply never the final option.”
Makes: theatre and events
www / Twitter: @sweetvenues / / Twitter: @dbsproductions

Additional makers:

Jodie Robb and Claire Nisbet

Honest Indulgence is a mobile bakery service that is partnered by both textile and graphic design students from Duncan of Jordanstone. Jodie and Claire want to see a change in personal service through their passion in baked goods. Having two decades worth of devotion for baking, Claire is able to use her textile background to create innovative baking designs, while Jodie has fallen in love with a craving to develop and promote a high quality product through her marketing and advertising skills. Having been flatmates for three years they are a partnership made in heaven.
Honest Indulgence wishes for you to help them by you testing their delicious key-lime pies, sumptuous carrot cakes, fluffy chocolate cakes, as well as many, many more. They then ask of you to dispose your wrappers and papers in either their green bin for a “yes” or red coloured bin for a “no”. Having your views and opinions will make thier business a success to come!
Makes: Cakes!
Twitter: @HIbakery / Facebook: Honest Indulgence / Instagram: honestindulgence_


Make/Share – Monthly Events:

Bringing together people who make things, whatever they may be! MAKE/SHARE is the chance to hear a few informal talks by people about the things they’ve made and the process they’ve gone through to make them.
We also have space to show and demo your creations/products/processes, so please just bring them along on the night – we’ll have tables and a plug socket or two on offer if needed.
If you’d like to talk about a project you’ve been working on at a future MAKE/SHARE, just get in touch, or feel free to bring along your things to show and demo (creations/products/processes) on the night.


Wed 11th Nov – Turning Point

How do we recognise what’s not going to work? How do we overcome challenging circumstances? What’s next? How do we plan future project after one failed? How and what do we learn from our failures? What are the mistakes that make a positive difference?

Wed 9th Dec – From Concept to Result

How to turn an idea into reality? Journey of a project from idea(s) to outcome(s)! How does it evolve, progress, change, transform? How do we design prototypes or test protocols?

Make/Share happens every second Wednesday of the month.
7 – 8.30 pm (moving to a nearby pub to continue the chat afterwards!)
Dundee MakerSpace,
Vision Building,

Join us on Wednesday 11th November 2015, 7-8.30pm.
Free event! Don’t need to sign up, just come along!

Don’t forget to share your tweets and pictures using our hashtag #MakeShare


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