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Make/Share – May Line-Up


We’re delighted to announce that The Beer Kitchen is hosting this month’s Make/Share and supporting the event with complementary ½ pints.

This event is part of this year’s Ignite Dundee Programme. Every May, the city buzzes with creative energy and this month-long cultural festival celebrates just that.

Join us on Wednesday 11th May at The Beer Kitchen Dundee, from 7pm – 8.30pm, to hear short talks by people about the processes behind turning their project or product into a reality. Speakers explore how their project or product has evolved, progressed, changed and transformed, how they experiment, what their biggest challenges have been and how they overcame them.

Short talks include the opportunity to show and demo your work. Just bring them along on the night – or share your upcoming events with the group, we’ll make sure to tweet about them. After the talks we have a short opportunity for any questions and discussion.

Watch a short film and see speakers from previous nights here.

You don’t need to sign up, just come along! Add this event to your Google calendar!

Speakers this time include:

Cally Booker

Cally is a handweaver based in Dundee and much of her inspiration is drawn from the city. She uses a relatively simple loom to create complex cloth by making extensive use of multilayered weaves. She’ll talk about the mix of projects and activities which comprise her daily practice as a designer-maker. Website: | Facebook: bonnyclaith
Twitter: @bonnyclaith

Deborah Chapman

Deborah is an artist and puppeteer running social enterprise ‘How It Felt’, which is providing puppet building and film-making workshops. They cater to mostly emotional and mental health issues by inviting participants to create puppets of themselves. She will talk about the journey of ‘How It Felt’, how it has grown in Dundee and the various projects and collaborations along the way. She’ll also bring a long fuzzy friend. Facebook: HowItFelt | Twitter: @MarkandDebz | Youtube: howitfelt

Jon Gill

Jon is a public sector service designer, illustrator, graphic designer, #MoJo filmmaker, animator, SuperFly founder, blogger and deliverer of workshops that encourage people to be creative with mobile devices. Seven years ago he took his first steps on a creative journey that would lead, inevitably, to a presentation at Make/Share. But the best is yet to come… Join us and help him decide what it will be. Website: PlayfulCommunications | Twitter: @onthesuperfly | Instagram: @onthesuperfly | LinkedIn: hellojon

Joe – The Beer Kitchen

Joe, assistant manager at The Beer Kitcheen in Dundee, will be hosting a live Brewing session! Then, he’ll invite you to sample previous beer’s they have made and have a first look into the brew day sessions they plan on launching on 28th May. Our new hosts will also welcome you along with a sample 1/2 pint of Tank Lager, their brewery to bar unpasteurised lager beer – the freshest form of lager you can get, and the first in Dundee! Website: thebeerkitchen | Twitter: @beerkitchendun | Facebook: The-Beer-Kitchen-Dundee

*If you’d like to talk about a project you’ve been working on at our future Make/Share events, just get in touch with Claire!

7pm – 8.30pm: Second Wednesday of the month
The Beer Kitchen by Innis & Gunn
10 South Tay Street

You don’t need to sign up, just come along!



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