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Scotland’s Curiosity Awards

Update: Find out more about the Curiosity Award recipients here. View photos from the Light Bytes Dundee event here

Following the Light Bytes event series, aimed at stimulating curiosity about creative technology across Scotland’s cultural organisations, there is an open call for Curiosity Awards proposals of £1,000. We are looking to support six collaborative prototype projects which explore creative technologies by cultural organisations and technologists. The application deadline is Thursday 30 June 2016 at 5pm.

Before applying, please do watch the filmed panel discussions from the Light Bytes events below. This call is being led by a partnership between Creative Edinburgh, Creative Dundee and We Throw Switches.

Find out more about the Curiosity Awards of £1,000 with the deadline of 30th June including the short application form here:


About the Curiosity Awards

1. Eligibility Criteria
To apply to for a Curiosity Award you must be:

An arts/cultural organisation, or creative practitioner collaborating with a creative technologist/s, or vice versa- all collaborators must be based in Scotland.

This award is about creating innovative new collaborations and prototypes and applications must involve a collaborative partnership between an arts/cultural organisation/individual and a technologist/s.

Collaborators should not be from the same organisation.

Your application should seek to address one or more of the following themes:

– Demonstrate creative thinking about technology, exploring its use beyond a marketing tool and/or back office systems.

– Advance agile and experimental ways of working within your organisation/s.

– Foster debate through culture as to the impact of technology on our lives.

2. Selection Criteria
Applications will be assessed on the following:

– How innovative is the proposal, is it experimental within the context of the wider arts and cultural sector?

– Do the collaborators have the right mix of skills to deliver the proposed project?

– Is the proposed timeframe viable?

– Can the project be achieved within the proposed budget?

3. Curiosity Award Questions
The deadline for completing the Curiosity Award Application is Thursday 30 June 2016, at 5pm.

Please make sure you have read the information including the eligibility criteria and viewed all content from the Light Byte events.

Please note that the Curiosity Award is open to arts/cultural organisations and digital/ technological creators, based in Scotland.

The Curiosity Awards will be released to successful applicants, early July 2016 and should be used prior to showcasing the ideas at the brown bag lunches in September 2016.

Please do take a look at the panel discussions below and then find the short application form on this page.

Panel Discussion from Light Bytes Edinburgh, Wednesday 1st June 2016 with:
Our host: Yann Seznec
Panelist: Kate Wimpress, Director North Edinburgh Arts
Panelist: Jack King Spooner, Artist and Games Developer
Panelist: Luci Holland, Composer and Arts Producer

Panel Discussion from Light Bytes Dundee, on Thursday 2nd June 2016 with:

Our host: Yann Seznec
Panelist: Malath Abbas, Game Designer, Artist and Producer
Panelist: Thomas Small, Choreographer & Artistic Director Shaper/ Caper
Panelist: Lynn Parker, Animator & Computer Arts Lecturer at University of Abertay

Panel Discussion from Light Bytes Glasgow, on Friday 3rd June 2016 with:
Our Panel Host, Dr Sandy Louchart, Senior Research Fellow, GSA
Panelist: Niall Moody, Artist & Games Developer
Panelist: Claire Moran, Producer, Cryptic

Find out more about the Curiosity Awards of £1,000 with the deadline of 30th June:


About Light Bytes

Creative Edinburgh, Creative Dundee and We Throw Switches joined forces to run three informal mixer events called Light Bytes, including networking, micro talks, panel discussion and the opportunity to play with technology.

The project was initiated by Creative Scotland to stimulate curiosity about creative technology and contribute to building capacity in Scotland’s cultural organisations responding to the digital connecting theme set out in Creative Scotland’s 10 year plan.

Through the series of engaging practical sessions, events bring arts organisations and creative technologists together to explore how technology can be used for content creation and build fluidity between the physical and the virtual; Light Bytes will support the growth and amplification of digital leadership and innovation within the cultural sector.

Light Bytes enable Scotland’s makers, coders, creative technologists and digital producers to connect with the cultural sector in an innovative and responsive way, with the potential for future peer leadership opportunities and funded pilot projects in Creative Scotland’s proposed second phase of the project.


Images thanks to Clark James.

Filming thanks to Bonnie Brae Productions.


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