Amps: Nurturing Creativity in Dundee

You might have often found yourself making small talk with a stranger and either saying or hearing that Dundee is a great city because it’s ‘not too big and not too small‘. But after years of connecting and amplifying creative people and activities in the city, we can’t help but to see a Dundee is both tiny and enormous in different ways.

Big developments are changing the city’s landscape and enriching its creative life. But much smaller projects are also consistently providing Dundee with unique beauty and value. From; visual artsvideo gamesdesignexhibitions, craftperformancecomicsphotographymusicliteraturecommunity artco-working spaces, historycinema and so much more, it seems like the big and small wheels of Dundee’s creativity are turning and transforming it into the infinitely rich cultural hub we’ve come to love.

As this fertile cultural ground grows in significance, we have decided to invest in creating connections and collaborations within. Would you like to join us?

Amps is a network we have developed to encourage creative collaborations. Whether you are a student just starting out or an established individual/business, Amps is the perfect opportunity for you to be part of and support a growing community in Dundee. Some of the benefits of being a supporter are:

  • Opportunities to meet and connect with other Amps members, through the annual Amps Forum and other events.
  • Apply to the Community Ideas Fund, which is a cash pot taken from the supporter’s contributions that grows with the number of memberships, available for projects developed by two or more members of Amps.
  • Receive a quarterly newsletter with projects, opportunities and news from the network.
  • Priority booking for Pecha Kucha Nights, alerts to special events & opportunities as well as a lovely designed enamelled pin badge!

While there are enticing benefits to being a member of Amps, your contribution – in any of the plans – will be the most significant part of this. You will be supporting the local and grassroots collaborations that have made Dundee’s culture hub, as well as Creative Dundee’s work of showcasing, resourcing and connecting these projects around the city.

Amps amplifies voices and ideas in the city. As a member you will be contributing to Dundee’s cultural development in the most collective, organic and nurturing way possible.

Join Amps today by choosing the plan that is most suitable for you!


£40/year or £4/month

  • Join Amps as an individual, freelancer or a sole trader for all the benefits listed above including the Community Ideas Fund, which is open to all Amps.


£20/year or £2/month

  • Join Amps as a student for all the benefits listed above including the Annual Amps Forum, to meet and inspire/be inspired by new people. 


£100/year or £10/month

  • Join Amps as an organisation for all the benefits listed above and know you are helping support Dundee's thriving creative and cultural sector. 

City Supporter

£200/year or £20/month

  • If you are in the position to support the future of the city’s creative scene, then this is for you. We’re open to exploring the benefits in return with you.

Pay Forward

pay what you like...

  • Pass the good vibes on by paying what you like! Support Amps in this way and enable us to offer places to others who find the cost a barrier. 

Here’s what has already been said about Amps in its first few months: