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What is Your Perfect Day in Dundee?

UPDATE: You can view photos from this event here. This event also builds on our previous work in Stobswell, including creating a film about the area which can be viewed here.

We are taking part in this year’s Celebration in the Park, Sunday 13th August at Baxter Park from 12-4pm and we’re keen to hear from you about the activities and places that make up your perfect day in Dundee.

Join us in our blue gazebo in the park and share your thoughts on what makes Dundee a great place to explore, share and enjoy by answering a few questions and adding your favourite places on the map!

As part of an exciting collaboration with Dundee Place Partnership, Creative Dundee is running a research to find out more about the cultural and creative happenings across the city. Your input will help us identify the needs and opportunities for people in Dundee to engage with what the city has to offer. The results will feed into the development and delivery of meaningful and sustainable projects to improve the city’s cultural life.

Photos from last year’s Celebration in the Park where Creative Dundee captured the stories behind Dundee’s cultural hotspots through the ‘Follow Me! Stories from Stobswell’ project.

If you can’t make it this Sunday, you can take part in this research by answering a few questions online designed by Dundee Open Data, a initiative by Dundee City Council and partners to open up and share data about the city.  The results of this survey will be one of the first datasets to be shared on the new Dundee Data Portal when it’s launched in October.

Come to Baxter Park, enjoy the celebration and tell us about your perfect day in Dundee!

Place Partnership is an initiative to encourage creativity in communities around Dundee. It is funded by Creative Scotland, Dundee City Council, Leisure and Culture Dundee, the University of Dundee and Abertay University. It has already supported the obtention of UNESCO City of Design title for Dundee, organised the Dundee Design Festival for two years now, and lead the development of the Dundee Music Strategy. See more events organised by the Dundee Place Partnership Team here.




A huge thanks to Phoebe Roze for the incredible illustrations. Check out her website to view more of her designs.


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