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Culture Connects: give your input!

UPDATE: Read the final findings from the Culture Connects project here.

Dundee is going through a significant transformation at the moment and much attention has been paid to its cultural life, with the redevelopment of its waterfront, the V&A Dundee Museum of Design opening next year, the European Capital of Culture bid and the recent launch of Dundee’s Creative Industries Strategy –  all projects that have emerged from the tenacious creative drive and rich cultural tapestry of the city. We think this a critical time to get voices across Dundee heard on what ‘culture’ means to them, and how we can build on what’s already happening in the city to collectively boost our creativity.

As part of an exciting collaboration with Dundee Place Partnership, Creative Dundee has been doing some research and consultation to find out more about the cultural and creative happenings across the city. Since our first outing last August at Celebration in the Park (read more about this here), we have been to many Dundee’s community hubs and events with a big map of the city where people could pin down their favourite places to go, and fill a short survey about the activities they like doing in their free time and what they’d like to see happening across the city.

The tangible passion many people have for our small city is one of the striking results of the research so far! People who took part are delighted to share their knowledge of its local history and the many hidden corners where you can get the best views on a sunny day. Outdoor activities are largely beloved, with a shared affection for our numerous parks, walking paths and viewpoints. But more than just enjoying the green and urban landscapes, many of the people we encountered are mostly valuing places according to their potential to be shared, explored and enjoyed with family and friends.

You still have time to help us continue learning about Dundee’s cultural life. Take part in the research by answering a few questions – see our short questionnaire below! All of your input is valuable and will help us identify the needs and opportunities for people in Dundee to engage with what the city has to offer. The results will feed into the development and delivery of meaningful and sustainable projects to improve the city’s cultural life.

The results of this survey will be shared on the new Dundee Data Portal – designed by Dundee Open Data, an initiative by Dundee City Council and partners to open up and share data about the city.


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