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Cactus Ed Takes Flight (A Re-incarnation in Consciousness)

A brand new Nomas* Projects exhibition features a series of prints made in collaboration between Edinburgh based artist Faith Limbrick and writer Aaron B. Casy. You can catch Cactus Ed Takes Flight (A Re-incarnation in Consciousness) out on the windows of their 9a Ward Road, available any time of the day until January 17th. 

The work is inspired by the legendary desert sage, Edward Abbey (Cactus Ed) whose writings, musings and ramblings constitute some of the finest desert literature of the postbellum era. A slayer of sacred cows, an iconoclast and a man of startling contradictions, Ed Abbey’s calls to arms and engagement in the face of excessive industrialism and destruction of wilderness have proven prophetic, and like the best literature, have only become more relevant with the passing of time (Abbey died in 1989).

Faith Limbrick’s work involves prop making, sound design and paper sculpture. Her work investigates the functions of the imagination, its relationship to buildings, landscape and narrative. Aaron B. Casey writes essays about wilderness and the American Southwest, weaving history, folklore, myth, natural history, geology and the occasional polemic about industrial civilization

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