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Grow Observatory is Looking for a Design Strategist

GROW is a data platform and community for large scale citizen science that aims to empower growers with knowledge on sustainable practices and make a vital contribution to major science challenges. It is responding to issues in the area of soil, land management and environmental monitoring across the EU.

GROW is looking for an experienced Design Strategist to develop a coherent GROW-branded event delivery framework and associated material. The framework will support the team in disseminating GROW outputs – a range of multi-media materials both online and in person – at roadshow events with a variety of audiences. The delivery scenarios include high-profile trade shows, specific topic conference e.g. agriculture, sensor technology, citizen science, local – international growing events, hands-on workshops with demonstrations.

To Apply:

Please submit via email:

Deadline for applications: 1 March, 12 midnight (GMT)

Send applications & questions to Gail Redford, GROW Project Manager

Applicants should note that work undertaken for this will be a part of the GROW Toolkit, and as such will become freely available under creative commons licensing to participants. The GROW team will continue to refine the v1 roadshow to incorporate new data and project results and updates. This will be reflected in the service agreement contract.


More on the contract…

A 10-day service agreement with University of Dundee Agreement

Deadline: 5 April 2019

Start date: 8 March

This encompasses a range of dissemination activity to amplify GROW results in the final months of the project. It is described below as two elements: content modules and methodology.

There are currently 17 draft modules which aside from standard elements e.g. introduction and conclusion are designed to be flexible and of use in a variety of sequences tailored to the various presenters and audience types.

Each module will have one or more of the components listed below. Many of these resources already exist and others are in process. All current module content will be provided to the design strategist.


The core concept for a roadshow is that the presenters, audiences, location, structures, requirements, exhibitor information, desired outcomes and more, could be different for each delivery. For this reason, we have designed the content modules to be flexible, but the modules need to be accompanied by a supporting document for all those who are hosting GROW events.

The GROW team has developed structures and guidelines for similar activities e.g. GROW Insight Workshops, and the GROW Model and Framework, these can be the basis for the development. Likewise, there are existing materials that can be shared from other projects that would help refine what GROW should produce as an MVP for the roadshow.


The scope of the work:

The design strategist will review content modules as written and developed by the GROW team to date to make recommendations on both 1) number of modules and 2) resources suggested for each. The scope of work for the design strategist does not include any module content creation, the intention is that the GROW team can prepare updated versions of the modules.

Following review and information gathering, the design strategist will prepare a strategy for development and use of the roadshow content. This strategy also requires a plan – a prioritised list of tasks and elements to be developed by the GROW team to complete the roadshow. The plan should also specify which modules will need to be updated with current data as GROW delivers various results across the project.


The design strategist will build an intuitive Roadmap User Manual for the development of the modules as a unified product that can be used in totality for a large event, but that also allows the modules to be selected individually to “build your own GROW event” for consortium members. The GROW team can then add details to the roadmap to allow members of the Consortium leading on an event to 1) easily access electronic materials for each module 2) identify a clear and quick process for getting hold of tangible materials/objects they might need (e.g. tablets, sensors for display, etc).

The Roadmap User Manual should identify which modules and components are best used for different delivery types across various events – live delivery, multi-media, online, interactive, etc. The Manual should take into account the various audiences that may encounter the materials from scientists to lay experts, policy makers to citizens of all ages.

Additionally, the manual should outline best practice and needs, with information about how to plan and host an event or even a booth at an event, guidelines for choosing materials e.g. what are the essentials, possible formats for interactive sessions e.g. from sensor demos, interacting with data, gathering feedback, and guidelines for facilitation.

Materials provided

Meetings and Reporting

Contract output

Final contract output deadline 28 March

Delivery of 1) Strategy for development and use of the roadshow content, which includes the 2) Roadmap User Manual  3) Plan comprising a prioritised list of tasks and elements to be developed by the GROW team to complete the roadshow. The plan should also specify which modules will need to be updated with current data as GROW delivers various results across the project 4) Methodology and 5) Requirements to run an event e.g. logistics and technical needs, but not specific to an individual space or event.

The roadshow content (v1) will be completed by the GROW team by end May 2019.


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