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Amps Meet-Up coming soon!

Venue: Blend Coffee Lounge // Date: April 3rd // Times: 6.30pm – 8pm // Tickets

This event is part of the Amps’ regular events. If you’re interested in becoming an Amp, please find out more about the Amps Supporters Network and how to join us here.

Creative communities are vital to Dundee’s growing reputation as a global cultural hub; that’s why we’ve created the Amps supporters project to help us all develop a better way to build Dundee’s local creative scene, our communities and the future of the city. With your voice and support we can make the city stronger for everyone, and help make the world as passionate about Dundee’s creative scene as we are!

Amps Meet-ups are good opportunities to catch up with other Amps supporters and find out what’s happening across the city. This event is also a chance to make new connections, share and develop ideas for future collaborations, and perhaps consider applying for the Amps’ Community Idea Fund – 50% of your support is awarded each year to one creative, experimental and collaborative project between two or more Amps – to benefit the city!

The event starts at 6.30pm and you’re welcome to join us from 6pm if you want to grab something to drink or eat before we start. We’ll give you a drink voucher at arrival for a soft or hot drink!

You can only book one ticket if you are an Amp individual/student supporter. For Amps organisation supporters, you can book for up to 3 people, then up to 5 people if you are an Amps city supporter!

This event is part of the Amps supporters regular events. If you’re interested in becoming an Amp, please find out more about the Amps Supporters Network and how to join us here.

The Community Ideas Fund projects will be presented on 24 October 2019, and next Amps Meet-up will be on 25 September 2019. Find out more about the Amps Network and how to become an Amps on Creative Dundee’s website here.

*Thanks to a generous contribution from someone in the Amps community, we will be able to provide free transport for anyone in Dundee whose disability impedes or makes it harder to attend this event. If that’s you, book a ticket and email us at and we’ll organise an accessible taxi to take you to the event and back!

*This event will be photographed and eventually shared on the Creative Dundee social media platforms. If you do not wish to appear in any of the images that are made public, please let us know at

Amps Meet-Up
6.30pm – 8pm: Wednesday 3rd April 2019
Blend Coffee Lounge
63 Reform Street
Dundee DD1 1SP


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