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Helsinki Design Residency

The British Council, in partnership with the Helsinki International Artist Programme(HIAP), Helsinki Design Week (HDW), Design Museum Helsinki (DM) and Strelka Institute, is seeking applications from practitioners to participate in a residency programme in Helsinki. This residency is for UK-based creative practitioners and researchers working at the intersections of design, architecture and art with an interest in critically investigating design as a cultural practice.

The programme will include two stays in Helsinki: a two-week research visit in May/June 2019, and a production and presentation period of one month in August and September that will overlap with HDW (5 – 15 September 2019).

Residency Theme: The Melting Platform: Material Interactions

This year’s residency invites creative practitioners and researchers to explore the significance and changing purpose of materials and materiality at a critical moment when ecological and technological transformations are changing the way that we design. The concept of ‘the melting platform’ asks applicants to consider the fluid nature of today’s world, where, potentially, we find the lines between us, materials and the environment (air, water, land) becoming increasingly blurred. How can design contribute to these interactions: human to the material; existing to new material; physical to digital material (and vice versa); material to human?

For more info and how to apply, see their website. The deadline for applications is the Wednesday 24 April 2019.

Image credit to Luca Picardi.

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