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Arcadia 2019

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This Saturday, Biome Collective is bringing back the amazing ARCADIA! This time partnering with V&A Dundee where the programme will be held. This Saturday, May 18th, between 10-5pm!

Coinciding with the latest V&A Dundee exhibition Videogames: Design/Play/Disrupt, the Saturday will bring together a world-leading group of diverse designers and radical thinkers whose work covers the spectrum of game-making; from practical design to soundscapes and future technologies, as well as exploring games as a cultural force.

Arcadia 2019 aims to unpack key stories from within the videogame design process –  from why certain aesthetic decisions are taken, to how sound and visuals are mapped into virtual spaces. This will follow sessions exploring the more experimental aspects and approaches within videogame culture and creation. From the physical games we play to the collective and communal ways we choose to make them, a deep dive into the process of game making and celebration of those at the forefront of new ways of making and doing.

Arcadia will be followed by V&A Dundee Tay Late, co-curated by We Throw Switches, where you will be invited to engage all types of physical game-making, with a host of arcades and playful experiences across the Museum.

Tickets include access to the exhibition, as well as entry to the Tay Late!

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