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Sons of Spielberg

Web-Series Sons of Spielberg has become an unmissable output of Dundee’s creativity and talent over the last few years. More than that, it comments on the lives of those very people – creative freelancers and the situations they find themselves in.

Having recently launched episode five, the stories continue to be relevant and entertaining. You can watch the latest output as well as the entire back catalogue, here:

Stuart Hamilton, one of the creators, told us about the project: “Sons of Spielberg came about as a result of two main things. One, Liam and I were operating a small independent production company and finding ourselves in often hilarious and occasionally unbelievable situations with clients and shoots. Two, our real passion had always been to create film and television. So we decided to make a short comedy web series based on our real-life experiences of trying to carve out a niche for ourselves as freelance filmmakers.

You can follow their work on Youtube or get updates as they come on social media.

Telling us about the context of Dundee and its creative talent that has helped shape the series, he reflects: “Sons of Spielberg has given us the chance to produce something we’re really passionate about and work with an amazingly talented network of filmmakers, actors, composers, artists and creatives (and often non-creative-but-very-accommodating-friends). We’re fortunate to have had the support of Dundee’s wonderful creative community.

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