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Do you feel Muslim women are under-represented in Dundee?

Ameena Deeni is developing a documentay project and needs your help! The project will be an 8-part mini documentary featuring the hobbies and creativity of Muslim women in Dundee.

Ameena explains: “I’m on a journey to find out what my fellow Muslim girls and women, in Dundee, get up to in their spare time. I feel Muslim women in Dundee don’t have an outlet to showcase their hobbies and skills other than  elsewhere in the U.K. Which is why I’m choosing to represent a series of  5-minute mini documentaries, featuring 8 Muslim women; or groups of Muslim women and their hobbies. I’m doing it to showcase the diversity of our community!

The specifics are:

8 Muslim women aged 16+ will feature their hobbies on a series of 5 minute mini-documentaries.

• Filming will happen from the 31st August – 8th September. They are looking for people/groups/organisations to get in touch by the 1st of August.

• Once the documentaries are finalised, the videos will premiere on Ameena’s Facebook Page between the 2nd March – 8th March 2020.

If you have any suggestion or would like to sign up, email Ameena here.


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