The Community Ideas Fund 2019 is Open!

Community Ideas Fund

The Community Ideas Fund is now open for Amps supporters! Collaborations between two or more Amps can be submitted for a £1,400 fund to make their project a reality.

At Creative Dundee, we are all about connecting and amplifying the city’s creative communities and the Community Ideas Fund (CIF) is a vital part of what we do. Developed thanks to the support of the brilliant Amps Network, CIF offers a chance to fund inventive projects that benefit the city. If you are interested to see what type of projects we have supported before, you can read about previous winners, here and here

The criteria for applications are very simple:

  • Projects need to be a collaboration between two or more supporters of the Amps community. If you are not one, you can join Amps by 17 October in order to be eligible to pitch for the fund.
  • The project must have creativity at the heart of it, whatever form it may take. Think visual arts, design, digital media, print, public art/interventions, games design, and beyond! 
  • This is a fund for experimental collaborative projects, so don’t be afraid to have some fun with it! If you have any questions about the eligibility of your idea – get in touch!

The £1,400 fund comes from 50% of all Amps contributions this year – this means the more people join, the bigger the pot! So this amount may get even higher as we will be putting monies towards this year’s CIF until the Amps Meet-Up on 25 September

If you would like to meet other Amps and discuss possible collaborations, you can join the Amps Breakfast on 29 August or Amps Meet-Up on 25 September

So, to recap:

  • From 6 August, you can submit your Community Ideas Fund application here or below.
  • CIF 2019: min £1,400
  • Amps Breakfast: 29 August, 8.00am – 9.30am 
  • Amps Meet-Up, a great chance to meet other Amps and start potential collaborations: 25 September, 6.30pm – 8.00pm
  • Deadline for becoming an Amps supporter: 17 October, midnight
  • Deadline for Applying to CIF: 17 October, midnight
  • Amps Community Ideas Fund 2019 (project pitches): 24 October, 6.00pm – 8.00pm

The deadline is 17 October, at midnight. If you have any questions about process, eligibility or the application form, you can contact Katja or Andy. If you are not part of Amps, join us! You still have time to get in on the Community Ideas Fund!