Creative Dundee

V&A Courses with Tracey Stewart

Over the next couple of months, V&A Dundee will be hosting designer Tracey Stewart for two courses. Be sure to book your tickets before they sell out!

The courses will cover:

Garment Construction Weekender

You will be introduced to a range of professional techniques and top tips. You will learn about a variety of seam types and finishes as well as compatible sleeves, collars and pockets in this busy weekender.

This two-day event will utilise the pattern created in one of our previous workshops, Pattern Cutting: The Dress and is primarily intended as follow-on from that session. However, beginners are most welcome as the pattern will be supplied to all.

Pattern Cutting: Skirt

On this one day pattern cutting course, the first of three, you will work with fashion designer Tracey Stewart to draft a skirt block to a set of measurements and manipulate it into a style to complete a fully finished pattern. All materials and equipment will be supplied. No experience required! 



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