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NEoN Digital Arts Festival 2019

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NEoN Digital Arts Festival is a must-go programme every year. This is the 11th edition of the annual festival that sees the best of digital art practices past, present and future, brought to Dundee with the support of researchers, curators and artists at Abertay University, University of Dundee, and University of Glasgow.

This year NEoN has reacted to proposals from artists in the collaborative programming of the festival, selecting work from open calls for digital creatives, in terms of both campaigns and content, such as the poster project ‘Take (to) The Streets’. The festival programme asks you to REACT on the streets of Dundee through public art, events and actions.

Festival Director, Donna Holford-Lovell, says of the programme, “Together we can challenge the systems which no longer work for us or represent us. With the help of artists we can radically rethink how we learn, enact change and how we engage new forms of digital activism, in solidarity with one another.

The full NEoN Programme is now live and it includes collaborations with Creative Dundee on ACT LOCALLY: Art & Activism and Pecha Kucha Night Dundee Vol.25. The main group exhibition will be located at Wellgate Shopping Centre, but there will be installations and interventions across the city from a variety of artists, including: Larry Achiampong & David Blandy and Steve Lambert. Be sure to check out their programme for the many events happening that week.

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