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The (Not) Listening Project

The (Not) Listening Project is a brand new Dundee-based podcast commissioned by NEoN Digital Arts Festival. The project interviews people who have not had the opportunity to say something that is important to them. The limited podcast run draws on the NEoN’s theme REACT to seek out what is being missed, what someone has always wanted to say but rarely found the opportunity – from the relational to the political.

The micro-episodes include a mix of passion, humour, desperation, anger, complancency and affection. They are a secretive look into uncovered emotions and a varied gathering of things that might get you fired up. The very first episode is already up!

Is there something you’d like to say but never had the chance to? Record it on your phone and send to the project at – you could be features on the next episode!

Created & captured by documentary filmmaker and writer Sam Gonçalves, this project counts with an illustration from Mairi Laird, photography from Julie Cumming and music by the legendary & mysterious Breakmaster Cylinder.

Get the podcast on most podcasting apps & Soundcloud. You can also follow it on Twitter for updates!



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