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POST is an exhibition created to highlight the works of emerging Swiss artists connected to the Lucerne-based arts organisation ‘M35’, founded in 2013. The show will take place at GENERATORprojects, a corresponding artist-run initiative in Dundee.

An opening night event will take place on 29 November (6 – 9pm). The exhibition will take place at GENERATORprojects from the 30 November to 15 December 2019.

This exhibition has been inspired by an on-going action being performed by M35 co-founder Lionne Saluz and GENERATORprojects committee member Elizabeth Ann Day, each artist has been filling in pages in a hand bound sketchbook on alternating occasions. This book is then posted backward and forwards between Scotland and Switzerland until a state of completion is achieved.

With this project in mind, ‘POST’ focuses on these international mailing systems. Each artist will post their final works, along with a shortlist of installation instructions. No information will be received about the artworks before their arrival and they will be displayed in the space along with their corresponding packaging. Ultimately this process forces each artist to contextualise themselves in an extremely limited manner. There is no running commentary, we are left to grasp meaning from each small screenshot of information.


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