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Nomas* Projects: Artist Talk with Jill Skulina

Talking about her new exhibition Wholly Expletive, Jill Skulina will explain her rationale, process and struggles in making this new work for Nomas* Projects at GENERATORprojects on 8 December at 4pm. There will be Q&A time following the talk.

Skulina’s work portrays emotional strength and transformation through candid and vulnerable narratives. Goddesses, madonnas and celestial beings depict out-of-body experiences and disconnection from reality; as well as revelation, transcendence, and liberation from what has come before. Her work shows memories of life events: memories which may be inaccurate, misremembered or one-sided; which traverse timelines, with imagery appearing at times incongruous to the narrative of each piece. The work makes no attempt to ‘correct’ the memories or straighten the timeline.

You can see Wholly Expletive until 10 January at Nomas* Projects, 9a Ward Road.


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