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Jobs: Technical Production Manager at V&A Dundee

V&A Dundee is looking for a Technical Production Manager to join award-winning design collective Assemble on a part-time, fixed-term contract of 30 hours per week. The successful candidate will work closely with two Assemble partners, James Binning and Adam Willis on the Making Room project in Dundee as well as the Programme team at V&A Dundee.

The role will be focused on the production of the Making Room project as a physical artifact within V&A Dundee and the delivery of regular workshops with a group of young people that will be participating in the project throughout the residency period.

The candidate should have experience using 3D modeling tools. A familiarity with Agisoft Photoscan and Rhino specifically are beneficial but not essential. The candidate should also be a capable maker. Experience of working with plaster is beneficial, but again not essential. Experience of working with the public and particularly young people would be preferable.

Apply by submitting a concise CV on a single side A4, and a portfolio of 5 captioned images and drawings of past work. Deadline for applications: no later than 5pm, 7 February 2020.


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