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PLAGUEROUND is an experiential and performative workshop in the form of a Game-Show, aimed at helping with the early stages of a new research project.

The international theatre company ZU-UK, working with InGAME and the School of Humanities at University of Dundee, has developed a programme of training using playful techniques to think about meaningful interdisciplinary exchange, particularly in the time of COVID-19. It’s free and open to anyone interested

The ZU-UK researchers have created PlagueRound as a response to the following provocation made by InGAME: What can humanities and social sciences learn from creative and playful approaches to research?

Part 1 // Project Perfect Stranger: a 5-day experience via WhatsApp from 15th-19th September (15-20 minute engagement per day).

Part 2 // PlagueRound Game-Show: taking place on Zoom on 23rd September, 1pm – 4pm (UK time).

Right now they are looking for participants, the deadline to sign-up is 8th September 2020 via this link. You can find more details in the full project description. It will happen in two parts, which are:

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