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The Full Picture #2: Community and Climate

The Full Picture is a Creative Dundee project supporting artists in and around Dundee to conduct short-term research and create art in response to important and urgent issues. 

Last year The Full Picture brought together four different artists who each worked on researching barriers in access to the creative industries. From health and literacy to culture and diversity. You can read more about them here

We are glad to announce the second edition of this project, in collaboration with the Gate Church’s Carbon Saving Project. This time, we’re commissioning two artists to engage with the topic of climate justice and environmental activism. 

The artists will be looking at some of the barriers and potential methods to better engage communities with the climate movement. Through research, workshops and group sessions they will be engaging with how we can build a local and collective climate justice movement. 

Here’s more about the artists taking part: 

Tilda Williams-Kelly           

Tilda’s practice involves painting, drawing, sculpture and photography, with a particular interest in figurative and portrait work. She aims to keep her practice open, with ventures into different types of subject matter and mediums, always aiming for authentic and emotional creations.

Recurrent themes in her work are attention to colour, environment, surroundings and human connection. Tilda’s interests are based in personal and expressive visual communication, her art aims to speak to people on a range of different social and political issues.

Find out more about Tilda here

David McLeish

David McLeish is a native Dundonian and artist who dislikes calling himself an artist and referring to himself in the third person but definitely doesn’t mind the Dundonian part.

His work is inspired by nostalgia, pop and youth-culture, Dundee, community and class; often featuring social, interactive and comedic elements. Believing everyone to be an artist, his work itself strives to be as accessible and relatable as possible, as well as encourage accessibility to the arts in general.

His chosen media is dictated by the concept itself which sees him working across print, graphic design, music, spoken word, performance, writing, sculpture, digital manufacture and universe-craft as well as more ‘traditional’ media. He is really glad to have made the word count for this bio.

Find out more about David’s work here

This project, and commissioning of the two artists, is a collaboration between Creative Dundee and the Gate Church Carbon Saving Project.

Keep up to date with the projects through #TFPDundee and by following Creative Dundee on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, where we’ll publish their writings on the project and the resulting artwork this Summer.

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