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Winning project from StoryFutures Academy x InGAME

StoryFutures Academy and InGAME have announced the winner of their Immersive Game Lab & Commission.

The winning project, ‘Duality’ is a VR game created in partnership between Cecile Emeke and the Dundee-based Biome Collective. ‘Duality’ is set in the world of a young British black woman who discovers her everyday actions begin to affect a timeline that spans across time and space. The project has been awarded a £50,000 development commission following The Immersive Game Lab event, which was held in September 2020.

“I’m looking forward to the opportunity to further expand my practice of storytelling into VR/AR and explore the potentialities of these mediums.” said Cecile Emeke.

“This collaboration is a fantastic opportunity for Biome Collective to push the medium of games by focusing on narrative and the voice of the unrepresented. Our audience is global and diverse and we need to reflect this through our games.” said Malath Abbas from Biome Collective.

We’ll be sharing more info about the project as it develops!

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