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NEoN: What Will a Feminist Internet Look Like?

NEoN Digital Arts Festival’s Round The Digital Table with insights from an international group of contributors starts at 2pm on 6 May.

Under the theme ‘Wired Women’, NEoN will address the digital gender divide and highlight the contribution of female and nonbinary artists in shaping the digital and technology-driven arts sector. This two-day event brings together artists and thinkers who work with technology while asking important questions about the hetero-patriarchy and cultural imperialism of the digital realm and the web.

Over two days, invited artists, curators, and arts professionals working within digital and technology-driven arts will debate the future of the digital realm and the web. They will discuss digital transformations. Putting a feminist view at its heart will provide new avenues for empowerment, contributing to greater gender equality, giving all complete access to opportunities, greater access to knowledge, and creating platforms for creativity.

Joining the debate: Lee Weinberg (England), Ailie Rutherford (Scotland) , Sabrina Logan (Scotland), Padmini Ray Murray (India), Libby Odai (Scotland), Skye Quadling and Karin Tan (South Africa), Roxana Vilk (England), Elinor Carmi (England), Tsila Hassine (Israel), Ofri Cnaani (England), and other artists to be announced …

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