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GENERATORprojects – Archive 25

Celebrate 25 years of artist-led activity with GENERATORprojects!

To celebrate turning the fabulous age of 25 GENERATORprojects has put together a considered and generous peek into their archive.

GENERATOR has been thinking of their evolution over the past quarter-century. What has GENERATOR been? What are they now? What will they be over the next 25 years?

This exhibition is celebrating the members, the committee, the artists, the students, the visitors, the Dundee city dwellers, everyone who has supported them in every imaginable way past and present and carried GENERATORprojects all the way to 2021.

Between posters, VHS recordings and floppy discs you will find some beautiful archival furniture designed and made by DJCAD graduates Micky Fenton and Rory King.

Jock Lohoar will be busy working at the digitisation station to create a live archive that you can watch here. They even have a photocopier and a depository for the public to submit all of their GENERATOR memories in to the archive!

Some events to watch out for;

  • ALIVE! a full day of performance art and music on 14 August
  • Powerpoint Presentation Club hosted by Jek McAllister
  • A flag raising ceremony
  • Birthday Cake Competition (there will be prizes)

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