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Claire Yspol – A Lyrical Biography

A Lyrical Bibliography by Claire Yspol

Sharing Not Hoarding presents A Lyrical Bibliography by Claire Yspol.

Sharing Not Hoarding is an experimental public art project located in the heart of Dundee’s Waterfront. Launched in 2015, the project encourages public participation in the Waterfront by engaging with artists, the public and organisations around the city to reflect on Dundee’s past, present and future development.

Claire Yspol’s text-based exhibition coincides with Black History Month, foregrounding and celebrating the intellectual and artistic vision of the Black creators who have influenced and inspired the artist.

A Lyrical Bibliography consists of thirty-plus intriguing titles referring to equally intriguing exhibitions, essays, poems, podcasts, many of which are available online. As an entire body, these titles become a poetic text of sorts.

Making this text-based art project was an opportunity for me to engage more deeply with the work of some of the black writers, designers, thinkers, and artists I admire. 

Claire Yspol

Claire has created a beautiful resource to discover and reflect on the works of Black creators, as well as provide inspiration. Not to be missed and definitely to be taken in slowly. See the work at Slessor Gardens at any time of day until 31 October 2021.

Alternatively, you can explore this PDF which has been embedded with links to every reference mentioned throughout the work.

A screenshot of A Lyrical Biography PDF document

There will also be a poetry workshop on Sun 10 October, 4-5:30pm, live on Zoom.

Claire will lead Artworks Left Ajar, a session of looking, listening, writing and reflecting creatively. The workshop will allow participants to engage with the works of several Black artists and writers and create a small selection of experimental poetic texts through short writing exercises. Places are free but must be booked in advance.

See more of Claire’s work online.

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