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Amps Breakfast Micro-Commissions: Cally Booker

Zoom Motley by Cally Booker

We invited nine supporters from our Amps community to creatively capture the spirit of Amps Breakfast. This is Cally Booker’s response.

Cally Booker is a weaver and weaving teacher; when she’s not at the loom, she’s probably talking, writing or thinking about weaving. She shared that her initial instinct was to create a bright, geometric design, inspired by the screen of stacked blocks we see in a Zoom session.

“The connections that shape my life and my practice have changed radically over the last two years. Many people far away have become closer, but at the same time people close by have felt further away. I joined Amps Breakfast to try and rebalance that a little, to sustain and develop connections with my creative neighbours in and around Dundee. 

Zoom Motley, detail

I’m not a morning person, and don’t feel especially bright at breakfast time, but the presence of my fellow Amps in their little zoom rectangles brings joy and energy to my day. 

So I am celebrating them with a Zoom Motley, a multi-coloured woven cloth for the age of technology.

Zoom Motley is handwoven in organic cotton yarn. Finished size 33 x 46 cm.”

To mark the two year milestone of meeting online each week since March 2020, we asked some Amps to create a piece of work that both reflects their practice and celebrates building community, forming connections, and the joy of Amps Breakfast!

This blog is one of several celebrating Two Years of Virtual Amps Breakfasts. Breakfast is a weekly opportunity that brings together supporters of Creative Dundee’s Amps network to chat and connect. New faces are always welcome—join Amps and come along!

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