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Amps Breakfast Micro-Commissions: Pamela Scott

Pamela Scott

We invited nine supporters from our Amps community to creatively capture the spirit of Amps Breakfast. This is Pamela Scott’s response.

Pamela Scott is an illustrator and printmaker who creates prints, paintings and public art that are inspired by nature, architecture, music and her home city of Dundee. Her piece captures Breakfast as an opportunity to get to know and connect with people across the city and beyond, particularly during lockdown.

“In my linocut print I wanted to capture the friendly and easy going nature of the Amps Breakfasts and thought nothing sums that up more than the enthusiastic wave screen shot that is shared each week. We all get a chance to introduce ourselves and have chats with different people every time so I added a few different greetings in with the waving hands. I also wanted to include the city skyline, as Dundee is what connects us all, and I decided on the idea of using the Google location arrow to demonstrate that even though we are all based throughout the city and beyond, we can all get together and chat through the Zoom platform on Tuesday mornings.

I hope my linocut print captures the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the Amps Breakfasts and how it connects us all no matter where we are based in the city through the Zoom platform.”

Music: David P Scott

To mark the two year milestone of meeting online each week since March 2020, we asked some Amps to create a piece of work that both reflects their practice and celebrates building community, forming connections, and the joy of Amps Breakfast!

This blog is one of several celebrating Two Years of Virtual Amps Breakfasts. Breakfast is a weekly opportunity that brings together supporters of Creative Dundee’s Amps network to chat and connect. New faces are always welcome—join Amps and come along!

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