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Creative Chit Chat is BACK!

Grab the party poppers, the Creative Chit Chat podcast is back!

It’s been a minute, but we’re delighted to welcome back the Creative Chit Chat podcast to our listening roster. Started in 2016 by designer and director of Agency of None, Ryan McLeod, the podcast has interviewed almost 100 creatives from across the city and beyond (often under the watchful eye of Fred the basset hound).

The first podcast back is an interview with artist, photographer and videographer David P Scott, talking with openness and honesty about dealing with anxiety, building new relationships and making the move from Edinburgh to Dundee.

The podcast also has an impressive archive of interviews that you can listen to and explore both familiar voices or take a chance on individuals who are entirely new to you!

“When your back’s against a sheer drop, where else do you go? You grab the only thing that’s there and freelancing was there. So I went for it.”

David P. Scott

You can download Creative Chit Chat on your favourite podcast listening app.

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