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Image of a multicoloured mural by artists Fraser Gray & Martin McGuinness on a gable end wall in Stobswell, Dundee.

A new interactive website makes it easy to explore public art across Dundee.

Did you know that Dundee has an amazing collection of over 600 pieces of permanent public art, including sculptures, murals, mosaics and more? They’re dotted all across the city, but lucky for us a new website from Public Art Dundee has scooped them all* up into one easily searchable place!

The new Public Art Dundee website catalogues public art across the city. From historical statues of notable people and ornate carvings on buildings, to exciting new initiatives like the Open/Close murals and legal graffiti walls.

You’ll also find links to a selection of Virtual Public Art Tours on the website that can be enjoyed from home.

(*Or maybe not? If you know of any public artworks that aren’t listed then I’m sure they’d be delighted to hear about them.)

All the artworks listed on the website are free to view. Most are outdoors, but they have also included indoor pieces where the buildings are freely open during normal working hours and the public can easily access them, or view them from the street.

Public Art Dundee is a project led by Museum Services, University of Dundee.

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