Creative Dundee

#CreativeConnect SUPER EXCHANGE

28th April, 12:00pm on Zoom

We’re joining forces with Glasgow Connected Arts Network, Creative Edinburgh and Creative Stirling for some fast-paced, cross-country networking.

What is #CreativeConnect?

#CreativeConnect is Glasgow Connected Arts Network‘s relaxed monthly gathering. It’s a place for their network of creatives to come together, share advice and peer support, and find inspiration from one another. Each month has a different focus, guest speaker or theme.

For this special #CreativeConnect SUPER EXCHANGE, they’re inviting creatives from across Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Stirling to get together and make connections. There will be a short intro from each network, some fast-paced networking and connecting, followed by time to share news and opportunities. You can join for the full hour, or drop in for as long as you like.

What’s this event about?

This special event is all about growing your professional network, finding out about projects outwith your work, and connecting with new ideas from others.

Who will be there?

This month’s #CreativeConnect extends across the country! Meet the people behind Glasgow Connected Arts Network, Creative Edinburgh, Creative Stirling and Creative Dundee, as well as fellow peers from each organisation’s wider network. You’ll make new connections with people working in the creative sector, helping to expand and strengthen your professional network.

Does it cost anything to attend?

Tickets for #CreativeConnect SUPER EXCHANGE are free!

Where is the event?

Wherever you like! This event will be held online via Zoom, so as long as you have a decent internet connection and a laptop/mobile device to connect with, you’re good to go.

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