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Improve your improv at a new 8-week course from The Acting Lab.

Dundee Improv Workshops are a fear-busting, fun, and friendly opportunity from The Acting Lab to boost your confidence, creativity, and spontaneity in a structured and supportive environment.

There’s a myth that you have to be fast, funny, and a natural performer to be good at improv. But, turns out, it’s for everyone: actors, non-actors, performers, comedians, and anyone else who wants to improve their confidence, relationships and communication skills. People with experience of improv, and people who’ve never tried it before, can learn something new and refine their skills side-by-side.

The workshops will use professional training techniques, exercises, and games to fire up your imagination and progressively explore and build skills, including: developing teamwork; listening; making and accepting offers; character and emotion work; and creating scenes and stories. Each sessions runs step-by-step in a structured, friendly and supportive environment.

Saturday mornings for eight weeks, beginning 23 April 2022
(10:00am – 12:30pm)

Downstairs at Braes, Perth Road, Dundee

The Acting Lab is run by Scottish acting and public speaking coach, Elaine Newton. Born in Dundee and a graduate of RSAMD in Glasgow, Elaine continued her training in Paris, Los Angeles and London. Back home in Dundee she set up The Acting Lab in 2015 – starting with one course but adding to this every year with different workshops and new services.

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