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Open Call: Dundee Christmas Trees

UNESCO City of Design Dundee are looking for five designers to create a sustainable outdoor Christmas Tree this festive season.

In cities all around the world, festive tree displays are a highlight of the season. Beautiful and inspiring trees are created by designers who combine festive traditions and contemporary design.

This year, UNESCO City of Design Dundee and V&A Dundee, in partnership with Dundee City Council, are looking to commission five designers or creative practitioners to create bespoke and unique ‘Christmas Trees’ as part of Dundee’s Festive Celebrations. The Trees will form part of a display located beside Dundee’s Living Christmas Tree at City Churches.

Rather than simply decorating a tree, this brief seeks designers who will create a tree which tells its own story. The design must use the Christmas Tree as the central focus and inspiration, but final designs can take any form.

The project is seeking creative, unique designs which respond to the concept of a central Christmas Tree in festival celebrations. While the main inspiration for this brief is the Christmas Tree, they are looking for responses that celebrate the diversity of the winter period from different perspectives.

Considering the environmental impact of large-scale festivities and the commitment from the city to celebrate our own living Christmas tree, this project centres the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle. All elements of the tree and its decoration must be made from 100% reused or recycled materials.

Wed 5 October, 12 noon

Each selected designer/creative practitioner will be awarded £2,500 to cover all materials, production, installation and artist fees.

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