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Dundee Guerrilla Film Festival, Sam Gonçalves

9th June, 2:30pm at Unit 38, Keiller Centre, DD1 1DQ

The Dundee Guerrilla Film Festival returns for its next happening.

Popping up at the beginning of June is the next outing for 2022’s Community Ideas Fund recipients project, the Dundee Guerrilla Film Festival. This month they’re featuring documentary filmmaker, writer, podcaster and community organiser, Sam Gonçalves!

Sam will be sharing his short film The Lifespan of Utopias which explores the waves of planning and change affecting urban development in both Dundee and Brazil, and asks how we can live in harmony with the urban landscape, the past, and the imperfections inherent to everything we make.

Attendees are also invited to join a screening of Pixar’s sci-fi family favourite, Wall-E and this month’s community response – a collectively drawn blueprint for a utopic high rise.

There’s no booking or tickets necessary but anyone joining the happening is encouraged to bring along a small piece of work to trade if they can (think zines, stickers, tiny prints, playlists or CDs).

Dundee Guerrilla Film Festival; Sam Gonçalves

Fri 9 June, 2.30–5.00pm

Unit 38
Keiller Centre
Dundee, DD1 1DQ.

The event is free and drop-in, no booking necessary.

The Dundee Guerrilla Film Festival is a grassroots creative project, aiming to challenge the unethical, capitalistic restraints around the sharing of art and cinema, and to promote connection, inspiration, and exchange within Dundee’s artistic community. D.G.F.F were the recipients of the 2022 Community Ideas Fund.

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