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Dundee Artists Database (DAD)

Volunteer-run artists directory launches for Dundee! Add your details to help build connections and a database for the city.

The Dundee Artists Database (DAD) is a volunteer-run directory first launched in January this year to create a yellow-pages for artists in the city. Aiming to connect and benefit artists in Dundee, DAD is hoping to make it easier for individuals, businesses and organisations across the city to work and collaborate with local artists.

Any creative practitioners living and working in Dundee are invited to add their details to the DAD. There’s no paywall to accessing the directory and its completely free to add your information and search through the database.

Please note, that when using the DAD form and entering your details, due to the nature of the directory, these details will be publicly available. Ensure you exercise caution when entering personal information and only use professional contact details where possible.

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