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Amps Community Ideas Fund // Submissions Open

The Community Ideas Fund is now closed for 2017 – thanks to everyone who took part. However if you become an Amp then you will be eligible to enter next year and also help vote on who should get this year’s award! You can find out more about the recipients of the 2017 Fund here.

Since launching Amps, our supporters fund, last November, we’ve had a great number of people and organisations subscribing to support and grow the city’s creative scene, whilst receiving a number of benefits in return. One of these benefits is the Community Ideas Fund.

The CIF is a given amount of funding awarded to a chosen project originated from a collaboration between two or more individuals who are part of Amps. Once a year we take 20% of all Amps subscriptions to make up the fund. This year the total collected amount you can apply for is £400, possibly more if new subscribers join within the deadline. One project will be awarded the full fund.

The deadline to become an Amps supporter, so you can apply for this year’s fund, is August 31st, at midnight. Joining Amps allows you to apply for the fund and it automatically increases the collected amount.

One of the main ideas behind Amps is to encourage collaborations in Dundee that might not have happened otherwise, which is why two or more people who are part of the network need to apply together. If you would like to find a collaborator, we are hosting a Community Ideas Fund Breakfast: 7th September 2017, 8am – 9.30am. An opportunity to meet other Amps, find collaborators and develop ideas. Also an opportunity to influence content for the Annual Forum in October – when we’ll have a vote for which collaborative project will be awarded the fund.

The criteria for applications is very simple:

You can fill out the application form here. The deadline is October 2nd, at midnight. If you have any questions regarding process, eligibility or the application form, you can contact Claire or Sam.


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