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The Full Picture 2021

Photo by Holly Quinn

Over the past two months we worked with two artists, Tilda Williams-Kelly and David McLeish, exploring the theme of how we can build a local and collaborative climate justice movement.

The project, a collaboration between Creative Dundee and the Gate Church Carbon Saving Project, brought the artists together to look at some of the barriers and potential methods to better engage communities with the climate movement. During the first month, the artists spent time researching the topic and finding strands within it which they were interested in exploring. In discussions between the two of them and Creative Dundee’s Digital Producer they honed down how the topic could be approached and their personal experiences with it.

As they explored these themes, they also attended workshops with key experts in the area: Green Councillor Kim Long, Project Coordinator at Gate Church Carbon Saving Project Lynsey Penny, Dundee Climate Action Network’s Martha Smart, and Artist Stella Rooney. Each workshop touched on different aspect of the climate crisis and how we can galvanise people, finding shared struggles and solidarity.

At the end of the month, both Tilda and David wrote articles in response to the research and workshops. In the following weeks they worked on an artistic response to their conclusions and you can find links to both below.

Tilda Williams-Kelly

Photo by Holly Quinn

Tilda’s practice involves painting, drawing, sculpture and photography, with a particular interest in figurative and portrait work. She aims to keep her practice open, with ventures into different types of subject matter and mediums, always aiming for authentic and emotional creations.

David McLeish

Photo by Holly Quinn

David McLeish is a native Dundonian and artist whose work is inspired by nostalgia, pop and youth-culture, Dundee, community and class; often featuring social, interactive and comedic elements.

We’d also like to thank Duncan Barton for The Full Picture graphic design and Holly Quinn photographer of the artists’ work.

This is the second edition of The Full Picture, take a look at the 2020 edition here. Keep in touch with The Full Picture project by following #TFPDundee.

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