Every month we as a different contributor to write a piece on anything that interests them in regards to creativity, design, art, technology, their own practice and Dundee. Read from our archives below:


hidden route’s A Letter to Our Rehearsal Room

Julie Cumming’s A Walk Through Dundee in 35mm

Fíona Canavan’s Imagining a Shared Urban Space

Hayley Blakeman’s Parenthood and the Lockdown

Gavin Cameron’s There is Opportunity in Necessity

Katja Steel Kusakova’s An Open World During Lockdown

Erin Farley’s Layers of Human Connection

Steph Liddle’s Not Being Creative During The Lockdown

Lynne Campbell’s Impostor Syndrome



David Scott’s Boatbuilding 

Darryl Gaffney du Plooy’s An Opportunity for Local Currencies

Beth Bate’s Belonging in the Room

Anna Stewart’s Perfectly Real, and Imagined



Gillian Easson’s Battling Burnout

Maryam Deeni’s Actual Affordable Fashion

Annie Runkel’s The Boredom Project

Eoin Dara’s Postcard from the Clouds

Katie Brown on Hearing Aids and Exploring Super Normal Design

Erin Stevenson on Networking: Can it not be so Horrible?

Julie Cumming on Dundee Zines & The Art of Taking Time

Norrie Millar on A Guide to Making Comics



Joseph DeLappe on How do we Make Political Art in 2017?

Naomi McIntosh on Portraying Pain

Alasdair McGill on Growing a Creative Business

Lucie Rachel on Personal Documentary Filmmaking

Claire Dufour on Re-imagening Our Industrious City

Sam Gonçalves on Telling Dundee’s Story

Joanna Helfer on Her Journey in Trinidad