Creative Dundee

Public Art

Free and accessible public art across the city brightens up streets and neighbourhoods, inspiring locals and visitors alike to explore new parts of Dundee. From murals to temporary exhibitions transforming empty spaces, they offer new perspectives of the city and encourage people to stop and linger.

The Binnn

A small and unusual gallery space hosted in multiple, portable wheelie bins that are placed in spots across Dundee, offering a unique space for emerging artists to present their work. @thebinnn

Nomas* Projects

An experimental project that provides a public platform for contemporary art across a broad range of media. Open 24/7, the four window gallery space on Ward Road celebrates a regular showing of emerging creative talent from Dundee and beyond. @Nomasprojects

Open/Close Dundee

In collaboration with communities, Open/Close Dundee has commissioned over 40 individual pieces of public art by local and international artists with new artworks and murals springing up all the time. Trails cover the City Centre, Stobswell and Lochee and aim to brighten up public areas, encouraging people to explore the city and places they may not otherwise visit. @openclosedundee

Sharing Not Hoarding

A public art project utilising hoardings surrounding Plot 10 in Dundee’s Waterfront Development. Each exhibition consists of 18 framed 4-sheet billboard posters and, when possible, a public engagement event. Exhibitions are programmed in response to Dundee’s changing Waterfront Development and provide opportunities for artists and the wider public to raise critical questions about our collective future. #sharingnothoarding

Wooosh Gallery

An ongoing collaborative project based in the Miller’s Wynd car park which aims to satirise and combat the lack of opportunities for recent graduates and emerging artists in Dundee. Following performative openings known as ‘woooshes’, Wooosh exhibits a series of temporary installations usually featuring A4 paper artworks pasted onto the car park wall. @woooshgallery

A photograph of artist Zofia painting her colourful mural on the Fair Growing Green maintenance building.

Public Art Dundee

Celebrating Dundee’s amazing treasure trove of sculptures, murals, mosaics, street art and more, Public Art Dundee is a fantastic online resource cataloguing the city’s public art and where you can find it. Browse their maps or join guided tours with the University of Dundee’s museum curator Matthew Jarron to discover so much more than we’re able to include here!

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