Fabric Dundee – Shaping the City

Fabric Dundee Project

Creative Dundee is running a new peer project Fabric Dundee which brings people together to strategically develop the future of the creative sector in the city and benefit those living, studying and working in and around the city.

Although Dundee has a strong creative ecology (you can read more about this here), there are areas which could be further improved for the sector to thrive over the next few years. The project aims to support Dundee’s active community in drafting a creative industries strategy for the city, by involving those who will be impacted by it.

Creating a strategic plan isn’t about generating yet another document to sit in a filing cabinet, for us it’s really only about creating action and finding ways to support initiatives in and around the city, by joining everything up more. It should reflect a vision and plan that is dynamic, focused on the sector mixed economy and developing sustainable employment and businesses.

This strategy will also be jointly shaped with the local and national agencies who support the sector, and aims to complement the city’s other strategies such as: Dundee Cultural Strategy 2015 – 2025, Economic Strategy And Action Plan 2013 – 2017, and Single outcome agreement for Dundee 2013 – 2017.

Creative Dundee invited a group representing some of the many creative disciplines which make up Dundee’s impressive scene to come together to share ideas, inspirations and experiences. These discussions, taking place from March to June 2016, are prompted by emerging themes on Dundee’s creative industries from previous discussions led by Creative Dundee.

Because Fabric Dundee aims to build a collective intelligence for the city’s thriving creative sector and requires to be driven by people who are actively interested in the direction of the city, Creative Dundee very much looks forward to hearing from you – please follow link below!

Read the findings from the project’s initial discussions and share your insights here! The discussions focused on the challenges and opportunities for the city’s creative sector

Read the findings from the project’s second session here! The discussions focused on what success will look like for the creative sector of the city in 2020.

Read the blog from our study visit to Edinburgh’s creative hubs here.