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Fabric – a creative leadership programme for the city

Fabric 2018-19 came to an end, watch this space for the next year programme & how to get involved. Meanwhile, read the report we put together about this instalment of the project: Fabric 2018 – 2019_Project Report.

We believe that it’s in our collective interest to take a proactive approach to nurture the talent and values that will lead us to tomorrow. That’s why Creative Dundee has launched the second phase of Fabric a creative leadership programme for the city which aims to build a collective intelligence for Dundee’s thriving creative sector and requires to be driven by people who are actively interested in the direction of the city.

In 2016, Creative Dundee started a new peer project Fabric Dundee bringing creative practitioners and businesses together to strategically develop the future of the creative sector in the city and benefit those living, studying and working in and around the city. This first phase aimed to support Dundee’s active community in drafting a creative industries strategy for the city, by involving those who will be impacted by it. Read more about the process and findings from the discussions here.

You can read, download and even listen Dundee’s Creative Industries Strategy 2017 2021 on this interactive website.

Fabric feedback and blogs:

Thank you for putting together the Fabric programme. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to spend time with such an interesting and inspiring group of people, and look forward to the collaborations and discussions that develop from it going forward. […] keep up the fantastic work, Dundee is a better place for it!
Fabric participant.

Read insights from the ‘One Year On’ event which happened in November 2018 celebrating and reflecting on ‘one year on’ since the launch of Dundee’s Creative Industries Strategy.

Read insights from the first session which happened in December 2018 and focused on Creative Learning.

Read insights from second session which happened in January 2019 and focused on Equalities and Diversity.

Read insights from third session which happened in February 2019 and focused on Digital.

Read insights from fourth session which happened in March 2019 and focused on Environment.

Read insights from last session which happened in June 2019 and focused on Peer Mentoring.

What is Fabric?

Fabric aims to create an informal peer learning space for current leaders to connect with and begin investing in emerging leaders, and for all to develop their creative leadership skills and agency in the city.

A selected group of 20 people will come together monthly to share ideas, inspirations and experiences, from November 2018 to March 2019 in various spaces and meet with current doers and connectors across the city. The programme is designed to immerse participants in new contexts and widen their knowledge and understanding of the city. There will also be informal mentoring opportunities when possible.

The monthly sessions focus on Creative Scotland’s connecting themes: Creative Learning, Diversity and Equalities, Digital and Environment, and are an opportunity to think locally on how to keep Dundee’s Creative Industries Strategy 2017-2021’s action plan in motion. Through group discussions about the achievements and challenges of the city’s thriving creative sector, the Fabric group are invited to collectively develop initiatives, projects and partnerships which aim to tackle identified issues within these themes and the Strategy.

Who is it for?

Anyone who’s actively interested in the future of Dundee’s creative and cultural sectors and wants to make a positive impact in the city!

Fabric is open to current, emerging and young creative doers who are looking for:

You can apply for the Fabric programme regardless of your creative practice, stage in your professional career or the demographic you identify with – we want the Fabric group to reflect the social, economic and cultural fabric of the city.

How to get involved?

The application process is now closed.

Who is taking part?

Annie Marrs
In my day job I work for Dundee’s UNESCO City of Design. I’m passionate about ensuring that culture and creativity are accessible embraced and respectful!

Brownwin Patrickson
I am a digital designer researcher who likes to think, to dream and to play. I also like to inspire, to understand and to open my eyes to do both.

Claire Dow
I work with Dundee City Council as Principal Events Officer, where I am developing an event strategy for Dundee. My team and I are responsible for welcoming and advising events in Dundee’s public spaces. We also deliver key events ourselves – Easter Fun Day, Dundee Summer Streets Festival, Light Nights at Christmas, and my favourite  Fireworks night!

Claire Dufour
I’m programmes producer at Creative Dundee. I enjoy bringing people together and making things happen, which make a positive impact in the city.

Clare Brennan
I am Curator and Lecturer at Abertay University. I work with a small team of lovely people to programme events across the city. These events aim to enrich our students’ experience by helping them immerse themselves in Dundee’s vibrant creative community and by bringing fascinating artists and designers to Dundee to connect and inspire.

David P Scott
I am a freelance artist and photographer. I am interested in all things creative, especially the positive impact creativity can have on wellbeing.

Hari MacMillan
I’m an autobiographical collage artist driven by self-actualization and curiosity of historical and popular culture. At the end of 2018, I completed my tenure as Chairperson of Generator an Artist-Led Organisation and Gallery in Dundee. I am currently setting up my own independent gallery and workshop space in rural Fife.

Joseph De Lappe
I am a media artist/activist and Professor of Games and Tactical Media at Abertay University. I make art that engages social and political issues, working across media from drawing, painting, installation, crowd-sourcing, net art, community based projects, etc. I’m as well a co-curator of the year NEoN Digital Arts Festival here in Dundee. I relocated to Scotland two years ago from the Western US.

Laura Darling
I am an illustrator and creative educator. Working with people of all ages and backgrounds is what inspires me and informs my work and I am passionate about making Dundee’s cultural opportunities truly inclusive.

Malath Abbas
I’m a designer and creative producer at Biome Collective. I make stuff with others, cool stuff, interactive stuff, co-design stuff, community stuff, art stuff.

Manuela De Los Rios
I’m a marine scientist and environmental communicator. I work with communities and organisations to bring about positive changes to our lives and natural environment. I’m also a printmaker and a water baby – give me a shout if you fancy a dip in the Tay!

Rebecca Foy
I am final year Masters of Architecture with Urban Planning student at the University of Dundee. I am passionate about public engagement and interaction with urban space and the spaces between buildings. My current thesis is looking at the utilisation of Dundee’s creative industries to enhance urban space and public integration.

Russell Pepper
I’ve been living in Dundee for just over 3 years and for half of it I’ve been working on Open/Close which has created a trail of artworks in the city centre and Stobswell, bringing up forgotten corners of the city. I am passionate about improving the urban environment, making it a place people will want to visit, explore and linger.

Scott Hudson
I’m a Printmaker and I make prints, I also coordinate print based projects. I’m very passionate about the wonderful universe of printmaking and my mission in life is to make everyone in Dundee print something.


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