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Collectives in the City

Collectives in the City is our long-form interview series, where we speak to those in Dundee who build creative projects, organisations, collectives, and careers with a DIY or grassroots approach.


Collectives in the City: Dundee Ceramics Workshop

We speak to Euan Taylor and Steph Liddle about the journey from Tin Roof Arts Collective to Dundee Ceramics Workshop.


Collectives in the City: Dundee Fringe

We spoke to JD Henshaw about shaping Dundee Fringe, the importance of space to take risks as creatives, and what collaboration can achieve.


Collectives in the City: Double Door Studios

We spoke to Islay Spalding about setting up Double Door Studios, balancing running it alongside her jewellery practice, and the importance of finding a reliable team.


Collectives in the City: CHIP Collective

We spoke to CHIP Collective about bringing a new genre of comics to Dundee, the pitfalls of crowdfunding, and handling sensitive topics with kindness.


Collectives in the City: Hotchpotch

We spoke to Hotchpotch about running inherited creative projects, the excitement and unpredictability of open-mic and their upcoming collaborations with I Am Loud.


Collectives in the City: Biome Collective

We spoke to Biome Collective about the inspiration behind starting a games collective, the need for affordable space in Dundee, and the importance of collaboration beyond just your own industry. 


Collectives in the City: Elfie Picket Theatre

We spoke to Elfie Picket Theatre about the importance of telling Dundonian stories and bringing theatre to communities.


Collectives in the City: Volk Gallery

We spoke to Elizabeth Ann Day and Luke Cassidy Greer, co-founders of Volk Gallery, about the creative potential of Dundee's high street.


Collectives in the City: Make-That-A-Take Records

We spoke to Derrick Johnson about organising Make-That-A-Take Records and the importance of giving DIY projects the benefit of the doubt.


Our Year in Review 2022

Each year we put together some highlights and reflections on everything we’ve been working on! Here’s our 2022 edition – looking back on a year of growth, community and the power of connection.


The Weaving Shed Studios Open Night

A historical factory in Dundee continues the process of being transformed into a commercial photography studio, with the potential of studio spaces for artists and creatives too, accommodating the increasing demand in the area. The Weaving Shed Studios are having an open night on Thursday June 1st at 6pm. The open...



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