Make/Share Monthly

Sharing what you make and do at Make/Share!


Make/Share is a free monthly event on the second Wednesday of each month, at The Beer Kitchen Dundee, from 7pm – 8.30pm.

We’re pleased that The Beer Kitchen is our official sponsor venue for Make/Share and supports this with a complementary schooner of beer from their keg selection.

This regular event brings people together to gain a behind the scenes insight into the work of people from a mix of creative, science, social and technology backgrounds.

Four speakers explore how their project or product has evolved, changed and transformed, and how they experiment. They discuss their biggest challenges and how they overcame them and even present work in progress to get your constructive feedback.

We think the processes behind turning a project or a product into a reality aren’t discussed enough, and that’s why Make/Share is so useful. After the talks there’s time for questions and the opportunity to share any news you want.

If you’d like to talk about a project you’ve been working on at a future Make/Share, just get in touch with Claire.

Watch a short film about the event here and see photos from previous nights here.

“The great thing about Make/Share is that it’s not necessarily for people who call themselves designers or artists by trade. It was great to hear from people from different professional backgrounds and hear their point of view when they’re approaching issues in their day to day process. It just goes to show that no matter who we are or what we do, creative thinking can still be embedded into our work and lifestyles.” Make/Share Speaker.


Next Make/Share: 

We’re delighted that at this month’s event on 14th June (7 – 9pm) there is a special social enterprise and design focus.

Make/Share meets Boost by Design: a discussion about design, digital innovation and community building.

We invite you to join us and take part in the discussion about how creativity can help build social impact, over a drink and a snack! Featuring talks by the social enterprises who have been part of the Boost by Design project this year, we will also be speaking about some of the findings from the project.

Speakers will talk about their experience of working in a social enterprise as well as the impact BOOST by Design has had on their projects. Through this event we hope to continue the conversation about how the creative and social enterprise sectors can work more collaboratively in future, this event is open to anyone interested in these topics. After the talks there’s time for questions and the opportunity to share any news you want.

During this special Make/Share meets Boost by Design event we’ll also have extra refreshments for you to enjoy.

Tickets are free but please book in advance here.


7pm – 8.30pm: Second Wednesday of the month
The Beer Kitchen by Innis & Gunn (*map below)
10 South Tay Street

You don’t need to sign up, just come along!


Previous Make/Sharers:

25th-26th May 2017 – Stephanie Liddle, Mal Abbas, Ryan McLeod & Lyall Bruce,  Joanna Helfer, Louise Kirby, Marsali Miller, Kerry Kidd, Sara Robertson, Laura Geyer, and McGinlay Bell.

12th April 2017 – Robin Griffith, Clive Pinder, Siobhan Morison, Scott Hudson & Paul Harrison.

8th March 2017 – Julia Knieriemen, Sam Gonçalves, Lindsay Brown, Ross Kilgariff.

8th February 2017 – Steven Sinclair, Sofia Sita, Debora Pasquali, Jack Mitchell.

14th December 2016 – Festive special – Nicola Donnelly, Heather Anderson, Mike Press & Hazel White, and Sean from Soul Garden.

9th November 2016 – Jasmine Holt, Christos Michalakos, Richard Messitt, Nick Taylor & Loraine Clarke.

12th October 2016 – Make/Share Meets Local Heroes – Stacey Hunter, Alec Farmer, Jennie Patterson, Pete Thomas.

14th September 2016 – Leona-Jayne Kelly, Jaime Bonilla, Ian Abbott and Alastair Low.

13th July 2016 – Katie-Anne Jowett, Robert Bichan, Barry Nisbet, Lyall Bruce.

15th June 2016 – Ana Inés Jabares-Pita, Gordon Gray, Joanne MacFadyen.

11th May 2016 – Cally Booker, Deborah Chapman, Jon Gill and special host Joe from The Beer Kitchen.

13th April 2016 – Mairi Colins, Elaine Fleming, Ruud Hendriks and Kerry Kidd.

9th March 2016 – Caitlin Bowbeer, Paul Gault, Wiktor W. Brodlo, Chinna Devrapu.

10th February 2016 – Piers Duplock, Stephanie Fulke, Scott Palmer, Beth Wales.

9th December 2015 – Rich Cahill, Joan Clevillé, Sebastian Stein, Joanne Hall.

11th November 2015 – Tom Goodchild, Sandy Thomson, Jill Skulina, JD Henshaw.

14th October 2015 – Scarlett Erskine, Malath Abbas, Becca Clark + Ruth Aitken, Leanne Fischler.

9th September 2015 – David Robertson, Grant Richmond, Andrew Kieron.

12th August 2015 – Elizabeth Armour, Mike Enoch, Ryan McLeod, Gemma Connell.